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Chessmaster Jude Acers world chess tours

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Since 1968........

  • More than 1,000 chess appearances in 48 states, 9 countries...
  • Two world record simultaneous exhibition records versus 117 and 179 opponents at one time (certified by Guinness Book of World Records)
  • Five national television appearances.....The Jude Acers world chess tour.....................

Jude Acers in Oxford American Magazine March 2000 "The Chess King of Decatur Street" 250,000 copies!

The ChessLab monster road machine with electrifying chess lectures "The Four Classic Chess Tips" with simultaneous exhibitions at leading commercial malls, universities, state fairs always absolutely free for prisons, schools, hospitals on the tours schedule... all over the world. 

New appearances:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) -- March 19, 2000.  Virgin Megastore Cafe World Challenge free - 64 player Sudden death- one game per round. Knockout Tournament (winner take all)-Mr. Richard Crespo, Chief Umpire
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) -- April 2, 2000  Tara's Ultimate Coffee Cafe/ Lecture-50 boards (free)
  • Portland, Oregon (USA) -- April 8, 2000  Address 'Chess Immortal: Frank J. Marshall -- Chess Apache' / 90th Birthday & Honorary Dinner for Arthur Dake, World's Oldest Living Chess GM"
  • New Orleans, Louisiana USA. November 11, 2000 - Finland Physicians Conference (50 boards simul/lecture) All boards closed.

Jude Acers promotion and tours design by Russell Miller (Seattle), Rick Allen Advertising (Albuquerque) , Lloyd Kavich (San Francisco), Jorge Caballero (Bogota, Columbia) and Michael Ciamarra (Birmingham, Alabama). Tours Transportation by Charles Broome/Whitehorse Productions .....All information/tour bookings: Paul Reifsnyder  Paul-Mar Artist Management

Jude Acers

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