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    Tournament $Tickets

    $Tickets are cash-equivalent at this site: 1 $Ticket = $1 USD. You can use $Tickets to play games or tournaments for cash. Just as in real land-based tournaments, players pay an entry fee to participate. Entry fees range from 50 cents to $200. A winner collects a prize based on the total tournament prize-pot consisting of entry fees.

    Playing a $Ticket mini-tourney is the easiest way to start playing games for real money. Mini-tourneys are fast-paced 2-player tournaments in the games of skill that you can play in all of the playing rooms. If you play free games in backgammon or gin rummy, for example, you can also try to play them for $Tickets. Just select playing for $Tickets in Table Creation Dialog and choose your stake for the game.

    Since entry fees are paid in a form of Tournament $Tickets, $Tickets must first be purchased (via Buy $Tickets button). $Tickets are available in five packages below. Each ticket costs $1(USD) plus minimal applicable bank charges and processing fees, as follows:
    5 $Tickets for -- $5.95
    10 $Tickets for -- $10.95
    25 $Tickets for -- $26.95
    50 $Tickets for -- $51.95
    100 $Tickets for -- $103.95

    Players with $Tickets in their accounts also enjoy extra benefits: playing rooms for them are never 'full', they have no advertising distractions, they have superior & timely support & they can play in TD-supervised multi-player tournaments.

    1 $Ticket = $1 USD.
    Players may cash-out their $Tickets at any time (rate: 1 $Ticket = $1 USD) or use them to win instant CA$H prizes in Tournaments and Mini-Tourneys online.

    There are no charges for withdrawals or 'conversion' of Tickets in your account back to cash. Simply click 'Manage your Account' link and select the "Cash-Out" option.

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