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    Those who play cribbage or gin rummy face-to-face and online will gradually see the difference -- online gin or cribbage games can be up to 5 times faster than when they are played face-to-face. For cribbage, for example, with auto-shuffling, point-and-click card movements, and especially with instant auto-counting (without the need to recount and to argue), fast online crib players can finish the game in less than 4 min...

    A long-standing cribbage player on this site gjamies1 from United Kingdom agrees with the estimate that to play cribbage game online can be up to 5 times faster than to play the same cribbage game face to face. Here's what he had to say: "I play 7 games of 61 hole 5 card crib in my local league and that can take anything from 30 minutes to one and a half hours to play. 61 hole 5 card is much faster than 121 hole 6 card. I am sure if we played the latter it would take nearly two hours to complete the same number of games. I would not think that 5 to 7 times faster is far off the mark."

    When you play cribbage face-to-face, the game would take about 20 minutes. In face-to-face games many less experienced players will be counting and recounting quite slowly.

    Because of faster online games and especially because of far less formal atmosphere than in face-to-face games, on average, online players play many times more games online than they would play while face-to-face e.g., daily. And few players would even notice it ;).

    Playing cribbage or gin online can be far more leisurely and less distracting than playing while face-to-face. With online play, there's no need to worry about your attire or about having a snack while playing. There's also no need to worry about getting hustled by your online opponents. Your online opponents will not be able to use any marked cards or have any lucky ace hidden in their sleeve, or see the cards in your hand.

    When playing at this site, the cards are generated completely randomly with each shuffle. The cards are only transmitted when they are needed in an encrypted secure way to the single player only. Our heavily firewalled Sun Microsystems servers utilize 24-hour continuous monitoring to assure that no one can play any "card tricks".

    Partners Cribbage Online or Off-Line?

    Partners cribbage can be a more sociable version that one-on-one.

    In over-the-board/face-to-face partners' games, experienced players report a lot of 'cheating'. Cheating in partners cribbage can be subtle or blatant. The cheating ranges from the way folks hold their cards in their hands to the inclusion of certain words (non-cribbage) into the discussion. Cheating is not just restricted to cribbage, card counting is a method used by experienced players in black jack to gain an unfair advantage.

    With internet play for partners there can be two clear avenues for cheating. One, the injection of agreed upon 'words/phrases' in the type chat (subtle) to use of an Instant Messenger to discuss the cards that are held (blatant).

    Because of easy opportunity for cheating with partners games online, this site does not consider playing pairs online appropriate.

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